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Physical Therapy in Vero Beach, FL
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Physical Therapy in Vero Beach, FL: Indian River Health Center provides physical therapy as a non-invasive therapy that addresses problems in the discs, joints, nerves, tendons, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Physical therapy also works with sports injuries that cause pain, weakness and stiffness. We understand that no two patients have the exact same types of pain. There are some common and predictable patterns. How these patterns present themselves, however, will always be unique to each individual. No matter the treatment plan, the goal for each patient is always the same—for the patient to regain their pre-injury levels in all aspects of their physical fitness and to prevent any future injuries from taking shape.

Physical Therapy Assists Athletes in Getting Back to their Active Lifestyle

Athletes understand the demands of participating in their given sport. Putting their bodies through rigorous activities day after day can result in painful sprains, strains, tears and overuse injuries. The main reasons athletes suffer sports injuries include over-training, repetitive motions, failure to warm up properly, forceful impacts and not allowing old injuries to heal properly. These injuries can happen in countless ways depending on what activity or sport is being performed. It is important to take precautionary measures when it comes to physical therapy rehabilitation. Seeing a physical therapist can help athletes heal faster after suffering a sports injury and can prevent such future injuries.

Physical Therapy Helps Improve Flexibility and Balance

Good flexibility and range of motion are very important when it comes to putting together a proper physical therapy and rehabilitative exercise program. Flexibility and range of motion are things that are often taken for granted as they enable people to perform most daily activities. Improving a person’s flexibility also reduces the risk of injury when participating in sports or other physical activities. Physical therapy enables patients to regain or improve their current flexibility level and will also help to preserve the joints’ range of motion or improve on where there may be problem areas. Problems with balance make it difficult for people to maintain stable and upright positions when standing, walking, and even sitting. Balance can also be difficult after injury because the body usually works to compensate for weak areas. This means something as simple as normal, daily activities can ultimately throw the body off-balance in some way. When someone has an injury, the ability to balance is sometimes slowed down and needs to be re-trained.

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