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Dr. Hess is amazing!! I was suffering from severe shoulder and neck pain when I got to Florida in January. I started seeing results after a few sessions (which can be intense). I’m back in Ohio now, but my back and shoulders still feel better than they have in a long time. I highly recommend Dr. Hess and so thankful I found him and IRHC.

Bill Freytag

I have been to DR Hess for treatment over the last 3 years. Excellent Chiropractor. I have chronic lower back pain and have always been able to get relief by going to IR Health Center. The office staff is very pleasant and helpful and accommodating. I highly recommend this chiropractic office !!

Robert Knight

Love the staff, they are always so kind. I went when I was having what I would consider moderate to severe neck and shoulder pain, having never been to a chiropractor before I was only informed on what I had seen on YouTube. I am fascinated by chiropractic and so I watch a lot of educational videos and watch other people’s stories and how chiropractic care has helped them. After going I am so thankful for the work that he does and I look forward to every appointment. When I leave I feel way less stiff and the pain I was having previously subsides. His approach to things is a little bit different than what I have seen online before, but i like it! He seems to have a lighter way about things. I recommended him to my father in law who was a little stand-offish of chiropractic and now he goes too! Cannot recommend IRHC enough. 🙂

Sam J.

Dr. Hess is amazing. Just when you think you had been to the best chiropractor in your life…..and then you go to Dr. Hess. By far the best adjustment I have ever had. In the past with prior chiropractors, I would go get an adjustment and typically my adjustment doesn’t last. Seriously, I have been to other offices and my back is out before I have even left the parking lot. Dr. Hess manipulates your muscles for this exact reason. I am someone who needed 2-3 adjustments a week. When Dr. Hess fixes my back/neck I can go 2-3 months now in between adjustments. Dr. Hess truly cares about your well being not just a simple fix for a subluxation that is surely to pop back out in no time. If you want to feel good, want longevity from and adjustment, or frankly want to sneeze and cough without fear of your back going out…..Go see Dr. Hess! Staff is welcoming and courteous too! Glad I found him.

Michelle Miracle

In 2018 I was sent to Physical Therapy for Sciatica on my right side. After 3 months in NY (I live upstate NY) I came to Vero Beach (snow bird) and went to 3 more months of therapy. I still had severe pain so… I went to see Dr Hess, within 3 weeks my pain was gone.. Yes gone! For 2 years no problem. In 2021 Sciatica was back, I couldn’t even walk, pain level 10.. Luckily I was in VB so I was able to see Dr …. with in a few weeks I was pain free again.. I Found both excellent, Both worked miracles for me (active 73 year old) I give them 10 stars 5 each! Also the staff as very helpful in everyway…

Donna S. Barbaria

Dr. Hess is amazing. He has helped me in a fast time.has really been able to relieve my lower back si joint pain fast. He is also great at getting really deep with massage wand. His personality is great and he spends alot of time listening to your needs and does exactly what you need. His staff is also amazing the girl are very nice and sweet. You can’t go wrong with this offic.dont go anywhere else.they are also one of the few that take my insurance Florida blue blue select. I have never felt more welcome and at ease at a doctors office. I would give them 10 stars if I could.

Summer Walker

Indian River Health Center has been able to help me with a pulled muscle in my back to alleviate the pain. First visit ever to a chiropractor after over 60 on earth. I was originally skeptical (ignorant) but willing under the circumstances. Within one week (3 visits) I am pain free and moving almost as freely as prior to the muscle issue. Friendly and professional staff – bar none. No fuss, no hassle just great service and great results.

Steve Padron

I’ve been going to Indian River Health center for about 2 months now and feel great! I went to my appointment yesterday and part of my treatment is the decompression chair. The room lighting is always so brightly lit. But, they changed the lighting in the room and it was so much better. Good move with the lighting. Thanks!

Edward Salaga

Amazing team they helped me avoid surgery and get my back feeling better.

Alex Melo

I was a patient of Dr. Hess several years ago, and was extremely impressed with his professionalism and especially the positive results I received from his chiropractic talents. Recently, I decided I needed some chiropractic work and made an appointment with Indian River Health Center at their new location. Besides being a very friendly and personable man, he is an amazing chiropractor! I have suffered from very painful foot and heel pain for many years and 2 podiatrists did very little to help. I have felt wonderfully positive results in both my foot issues and lower back problems. They are both EXCELLENT chiropractors and I feel blessed to be the recipient of their healing hands. I also want to mention that the office and exam/work rooms are VERY clean and calming. Lastly, I want to praise the office staff…they could not be nicer, friendlier or professional. In other words, you could not find two better chiropractors on the Treasure Coast. I would highly recommend this practice to all of my friends and family. Thanks docs!!!

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